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Consulting, Training, and Teaching

Quick Facts about Maternal Mortality

  • The United States has the worst Maternal Mortality rates of all developed nations
  • 700-900 women die each year before and after giving birth
  • 60% of these deaths are preventable
  • 69% of the deaths are happening in the postpartum period
  • Statistics show that Black women die at 3-4 times the rate of all others
  • Cultural Competence is a tool that can be used to reduce disparities
  • Cultural Competence can enhance the quality of care for all patients, especially those most at risk of adverse outcomes

Education and Consulting Services

Consulting Services

  • I help hospitals and medical establishments recognize the issues that contribute to their high maternal mortality rates 
  • I give actionable steps to take to decrease maternal mortality rates and near misses
  • I provide tools that providers can utilize to improve communication with "people in the minority" in their private practices
  • I help schools of medicine gain compliance in order to receive grant funding for students interested in the field of maternity

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