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Let us help educate your students, employees, and staff on issues in 

Cultural Competence... the key to eliminating Healthcare Disparities 

Quick Facts

  • The United States is growing more and more diverse
  • Disparities inundate the ‚ÄčAmerican Healthcare System and exist in all types of care settings  
  • Statistics show that disparities remain even in patients who are affluent and well educated
  • Cultural Competence is a tool that can be used to reduce disparities. It can enhance the quality of care for all patients, especially those most at risk of adverse outcomes.
  • Nurses spend more time in direct patient care than all healthcare providers and can play an important role in ensuring the equitable treatment of all patients

Consequences of a Lack of Training

  • HIPPA security breaches
  • Incomplete documentation, impacting reimbursements
  • Compliance risks
  • Patient safety risks
  • Decreased staff morale and Increased turnover rates
  • Reduced productivity
  • Stress 
  • Legal Problems

Education and Consulting Services

Educate and train your staff with my signature speech "L.I.S.T.E.N"

This training will help your medical establishment: 

  • Become aware of some of the issues that contribute to the high Maternal Mortality Rates in the U.S. by learning from my own near-death experience with my firstborn! 
  • Give you the steps to take to decrease your maternal death rates 
  • Supply tools that providers can use to improve communication with "people in the minority" in their private practices

Consulting Services

I will help your medical establishment:

  • Assess the everyday practices on the L&D and Postpartum Units
  • Diagnose where the problems exist that contribute to your maternal mortality rates
  • Plan how best to help your staff adopt the changes that are needed to save lives
  • Implement the steps to help decrease your rates and improve patient safety
  • Evaluate how well the policies and practices are working to maintain compliance, increase patient satisfaction and, improve your establishment's reputation

Educate and train your nursing students with my signature speech "Strategies for Sucess"

This training will help your students:

  • Become motivated and engaged in coursework and clinical experiences
  • Learn how to study and pass exams
  • Learn how to handle their stress by preparing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Apply principles of civility in classroom interactions that become the roadmap to teamwork in the nursing field

Tutoring Services for Nursing Students

Private Tutoring available by appointment: 

  • Pass Unit Exams
  • Prepare for the NCLEX

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