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Our Company

About our Founder

Talonda is a wife and mother of four, three (3) girls and one (1) boy. 

She is a nurse, nurse educator & consultant, best-selling author, 1st place winner of 

West Chester University's Business Idea Pitch Competition 2021, in the Faculty/Alumni Track and 1st place winner of the Berks LaunchBox Idea TestLab Accelerator Competition 

When not focusing on "all things nursing", Talonda loves spending quality time with her family.

Besides all she is doing in nursing, she is the founder of a woman's group called LOVED.  

LOVED is an acronym for Ladies of Value Encouragement and Determination. 

LOVED was founded based on a strong desire to bring women from all walks of life together.  

One of her favorite quotes is "There is more that unites us than divides us." 

She is convinced that a great education is often the missing link between good health and good medical care. 


To educate and empower women and their families to be knowledgeable 

advocates for themselves. 


To decrease the maternal mortality rate in the United States by improving relationships between patients 

and healthcare providers by 

furnishing innovative products

 and teaching innovative processes 

that enhance communication 

and helps facilitate a better understanding for both. 

How We Help People